Five Rules to Follow When Getting a Massage Done

Five Rules to Follow When Getting a Massage Done

So, you are planning to treat yourself with relaxing and luxurious treatments? We suggest stopping by the European Spa Center Dubai, by booking your next appointment at  Well, mani-pedi is considered as self-care; however, massages go way beyond. They help ease the anxiety that you have from a busy day or a stressful week. The main issue is that many do not know what to look for and what to expect from the massage. Some of them also feel discomfort during the therapy.

Therefore, it is extremely vital for you to understand the basic rules of massage therapy etiquettes to make you feel more confident and enjoy a pleasurable experience. Read on and learn all about the practices you must know.

What To Wear

Wear what makes you comfortable, and this attire could vary from person to person. It should be convenient for you to change quickly. If you’re more comfortable being wholly clothed during the therapy, then-athletic wear can be more suitable. You could also choose to be in a bikini allowing maximum access to your muscles. If you are not comfortable with lotions, you could simply wear shorts and t-shirts for the therapy.

Massage Conversation

Not speaking to a person you would be sharing a room with for an extended amount of time can be very awkward. However, you must never forget that this treatment is for you and not the masseuse. Your main goal is to relax, so avoid clouding your head by stressing over what to talk about. We suggest less is better.

Right Pressure

The entire treatment can be extremely renewing when the pressure applied is right to ease your muscles. If the pressure isn’t enough, it will leave you feeling anxious and frustrated, and if the pressure applied is much, you will not be able to relax with your mind being occupied with the pain your body is feeling. Be sure to inform the therapist at the start about the pressure you require, be straightforward—request for pressure as per your requirement. Suppose you require them to take care of a particular issue, address it at the beginning. This would allow the Tempest to work on that specific area.

During The Session

Don’t move is a basic rule. All you must do is lay in one place and relax, enjoying the entire therapy. Receive therapy, relax and breathe. Inform the therapist if anything begins to make you feel discomfort or hurt. Avoid getting distracted with your phone.

Tipping The Therapist

On completion of the massage, always remember to tip the therapist. At times people tend to overlook this. Salons and spas; look forward to tips; it’s not something new! It’s a basic thumb rule across the UAE is to tip 20% For excellent service. Overall, enter your therapy session with an open mind to relax and rejuvenate your body and mind. Follow these few essential tips and avoid overthinking the entire process. Book a session at

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