Effects of Massage Therapy for Those With High BP

Effects of Massage Therapy for Those With High BP

According to a study, more than 34% of the population in Dubai has hypertension or high blood pressure. Among the various reasons- age, genetics, race, and lifestyle habits play an influential role. People stick to multiple medications, diet management, and lifestyle changes to bring blood pressure back to normal. One of the most resilient methods people rely on is indulging in massage therapies. The luxurious and relaxing atmosphere at the massage center Abu Dhabi ensures the provision of safe and high-quality relaxing massage therapies. This blog has discussed the excellent benefits of massage therapy that provide relaxing effects to people dealing with high BP.

Reducing The Blood Pressure

Massage is an ancient method that helps to comfort the nervous system. It also helps unleash stress, stimulate blood vessels, and trigger the body’s vibrancy points. It also promotes various benefits of improving digestive mechanisms, which further lowers blood pressure. The spa delivers a wide variety of massage therapy—namely aromatherapy and Swedish massage that has proven to reduce blood pressure.

Effect With Swedish Massage Therapy

Swedish massage is popularly known for discharging strain throughout the body and comforting the muscles. It is performed with gliding and dabbing strokes throughout the body, which helps in enhancing oxygen levels and enriching the blood supply—the immaculate service providers at is a team of professionals who focus on major work regions as demanded by your body, thereby providing custom-made services.

Effect With Aromatherapy Massage

Aromatherapy is performed to dismiss the body knots and destress mentally. It’s conducted with the help of essential oils that have a relaxing property such as lavender, rosemary, etc., thereby providing freshness to the body and mind. The oil massage also improves blood circulation and the respiratory system, helping ton the body muscle. Furthermore, it is noted that a 30-minute massage has helped people release their dominant strain, stress, anxiety, and fatigue.

Deep Tissue Massage Followed By Soothing Music

As the name suggests, deep tissue massage is an exceptional therapy that alleviates various muscular and skeletal issues. The massage is performed with deep, relaxing, and soft strokes creating impactful intimidation that reaches the deeper tissue levels, thus relieving pain and improving blood flow. The therapy is performed with a rhythmic tune to provide the benefits of releasing stress physically and mentally.

Bonus Tips

Apart from the various forms of massage therapy that may benefit you, a few other measures to lower your blood pressure should be followed simultaneously. Focusing on your diet and limiting the consumption of fat and foods rich in carbohydrates should be observed to receive striking results. Maintaining a healthy weight by performing regular exercises like running, jogging, or skipping has positive effects on hypertension. Further, try staying away from unhealthy habits such as drinking, smoking, etc.


As mentioned above, indulging in relaxing massage therapy, followed by a healthy diet and lifestyle changes, may help you reduce blood pressure in the long run. Besides, massage therapies will provide other miracles to your body. You can also follow different relaxing techniques such as meditation, yoga, and self-care treatments. Venetianspa.ae has been one of the most remarkable spots to provide a high-end experience to the customers. You can also customize your service according to your concern.

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